Learn More About Dominos


A game of domino is a great way to spend quality time with friends. This fun game has many variations, including Chinese dominoes. Dominos are rectangular tiles with square ends, and each has a certain number of spots that mark the end of the tile. The aim of the game is to collect all the spots on each end. If you do this, you will earn a point when you reach your target number. Dominos are a popular game, but you can also learn more about it by reading this article.

Chinese dominoes

While the game’s origins are obscure, there are several possible theories. In 1120 AD, Hung Ming devised dominoes as a way to entertain his soldiers while on night watches. Other sources attribute the game to Keung t’ai Kung, Fan Lai, and other figures. According to Dr. Gustar Schlegel, dominoes were first invented around 1120 AD, and were locked away in the imperial treasury. Chinese dominoes are still played today in many Asian countries.

The game’s pip pattern is based on a pair of Chinese six-sided dice. Each tile represents one of the possible outcomes of a roll. As a result, there are thirty-two tiles in each game. The tiles can be mixed and stacked, just like dominoes in Western games. After the tiles are mixed, the player will build a woodpile by building a series of tiles with certain heights.

Variations of the game

Chinese dominos have a variety of variations. The 3-5 game uses a similar scoring system as poker, with pips and spots on each half of each domino tile. Doubles may be played anywhere on the line, including in the middle, and are often called “spinners” because they allow for playing on all four sides of the board. Both of these games are similar in playing style and strategy, but they do differ in the number of pips on each side.

In the game, players take turns laying one domino each turn. A player scores when the number of open ended dominoes in his hand equals or exceeds five. The remaining pips in each player’s hand are added together, and the player with the highest total at the end of the game wins the round. However, double six tiles are not always the easiest tiles to score. As such, players must be careful not to be affected by the moves of the other players.

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